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September 11, 2015
It's been too long since I sent an update on our puppy (Tucker), but he is now 2 years old and he is the smartest, funniest and most loving dog we've ever had.  He loves his squeak toys and when no one will play with him he tosses the toy and chases it by himself.  He is definitely an "A" type personality as he insists on being first in line for everything.  He is tireless, in both play and companionship.  He definitely has the same DNA as our our deceased Schnauzer in that he has an ear-piercing bark, but we live with it.  I've attached a photo from a few months ago.
Dan F.

On Monday, August 25, 2014 1:03 PM, Sue wrote:
Tucker is PERFECT!!!!  Sleeps thru the night in a crate eye level next to our bed.  Not a peep.  And is going to the door to go outside to do his duty. Amazing!!!!! 

Hello Vanessa & Paul, We are just loving the pups.  They are so entertaining and loving.  Of course, just like babies, they keep us up sometimes.  They have grown so much in just a week.  Amazing that they can run up stairs.  Potty training is going fair.  Still going on the floor occasionally, but that's our fault.     Thank you again for raising such wonderful dogs.  They have certainly mitigated the pain of loosing our Mylo.   Bob & Sylvia
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 6:29 PM Hi Vanessa, It is very nice to hear from you. Pearl is doing great! We all love her so much. She has become such a wonderful part to our family. She has the best personality and can be so funny. We are so happy with her.  Thank you for bringing her into our lives. Anna

Jan 25 at 10:52 PM
Hi Vanessa!
I just wanted to update you on Yoda. He has been such a joy in our life and I can't thank you enough for this amazing little boy! He is spu
nky, kind, energetic and social. I get compliments on him everywhere I go. Furthermore, he has been going to training for 6 months already and will soon be graduating from puppy class 2. He even knows how to shake! The end goal is to make him a therapy dog that I can take to Children's Hospitals and Nursing facilities. According to his trainer he's well on his way. Thank you again!
P.S. He's a whopping 21 lbs!! P.S.S. Saw a pic of one his brothers (Finnegan)! So cute!   Kind regards,  Sharon & Fernando


From : Leslie W.

Our little Toby is so full of love and energy! He is very smart and fills our days with fun and companionship. He is such a lovely dog and we are totally in love with him!

Dec 15, 2013 Good morning Vanessa! How are you?Here is a picture of our Julio... We love him so much, again thanks for everything!!! Cesar
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013
Vanessa, The new puppy is doing great.  He seemed to be very happy on Saturday with all the family members playing with him an with our other puppy, Wally, as a playmate.  Wally did fine with the new pup, just a little unsure how to deal with the new pup at first.  On Sunday and today they seem to be best friends and play with each other for hours until they drop from exhaustion.  We haven't yet named the new addition, but we will soon.  He is very active and even though he is two weeks younger than Wally was when we got him, he is running and jumping places in the yard that took Wally days to get comfortable with. Wendy is trying to get us into the Vet today for the first puppy check-up.  Dan
 Oct 9, 2013 Hello,   As an update...Yoshi is doing great !He is a wonderful dog , very happy ,smart and playful. We love him very much and my son is his best friend. They play a lot together,inside and outside...He is already neutered. I will tell my husband to send you new pictures with him when he has a chance.    Minette

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From Steven C

Copper is pure joy - a no-problem dog . He learns fast , is very curious and friendly towards everyone and all dogs (and other animals that is , he even likes cats ) He’s healthy and happy and loves to play and to cuddle . A real family dog that loves to be around people . I will definitely recommend roselaneschnauzers to everyone because they raise great dogs! Thank you .

Baylee is a wonderful addition to my family. She is so sweet and adorable. She loves everyone she meets and plays very well with my older Schnauzers. She has done extremely well with potty training and using the doggy door. She was fine when I picked her up at the airport after her plane trip, even though I was anxious about it! I would not hesitate to buy another baby from you. Thank you, Jana
From: Tiffany T Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2011 12:28 AM Vanessa, I just want to thank you so much again for all the help with Coco! You have been great and we love her! Thank you thank you thank you! -Tiffany

Oct 10 at 12:15 PM
We wanted to send you some of our favorite photos so far of Brutus. We're really loving this little guy!


 Vanessa thank you for the wonderful gift you have provided for us. Bella and Pipper are amazing and have added so much to our family. Mac is still trying to figure out how she lost all her toys? But she is adjusted well to the addition 

Oct 4, 2015
Hi Vanessa!! Hope you are enjoying your day!!  I just wanted to share some pictures of Finnegan our little boy.  He has brought so much joy to our life... He is funny, adorable, sweet, sneaky ... And much more... And we love him so much!!😀
Thank you again!!
PS: He is about 14.6lbs

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November 24, 2015
Hello Rose Lane Minis!. He's silly, spunky, and so in love with his little life. My husband works from home so he and Winston are together all day and they have an especially tight bond. We wanted you to know that he is safe, loved and very spoiled here in College Station, TX. Attached are some pictures of his new life. 
Happy Holidays!  Alyssa & Russell

Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 4:08 PM
Subject: Puppy

Happy New Year to you and your family.....Here is Olivia......after 10 months

the cute little pink monkey you gave her is her favorite toy...she even suckles on
if she remembers you. Olivia is the best friend I have and protects my houses
from Wild Turkeys, deer,squirrels,Doves and assorted birds....and we are here
at my home in Palm Desert....and she barks at the golfers who go by. Yesterday
she was off leash and I was throwing a tennis ball out on the fairway for her
to chase and bring back...a game we love....and a golf ball flew past her
and she ran out and grabbed it and brought it to me.....Good thing the Golfer
had a sense of humor. Olivia has a great sense of ownership, especially of
her you can see, she gathers them around her and protects them..
waiting for someone to grab one and play with her. I take her to Doggy
Day Care where she has many doggy friends, and comes home worn out.
You did a wonderful loving job raising her from a baby...She is smart and
calm and has strong self esteem. Big dogs do not scare her and she loves
people. Olivia is lying next to I write this note.  Thank
you for Olivia.....And a Very Happy and Healthy New Year...Love, Olivia and 
Kay Reeves