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Deposits and Payments


I will be undergoing major surgery December 1st. I will be in a care facility for 2 weeks after. I have family that will be staying in my home and caring for the babies. For families that know me- I LOVE to share pictures of the babies as they develop and you prepare to bring them home. My family will try to take pictures- but if they do, they will be cell phone pics or videos. 

All paperwork will be completed before my surgery, and care packages will also be prepared in advance. 

The surgeon said we will not know until about Dec 16 how coherent I will be, or what I will be able to do directly after returning home. I am sure I can answer questions on the phone, just be patient with me please. 

My family will make the arrangements with you on my behalf if I am not able. I assure you, the pups will still have excellent care and all medications and vaccinations given.   Thank you for your understanding.

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 $100 deposit places you on the wait list for a puppy. Once the pups are born, an additional $150 is required. ($250 total deposit- it comes off your total purchase price) to hold a particular puppy or reserves pick order
in a future litter, we accept the following payments:

For Deposits Only- We DO accept personal checks mailed to our
home (for deposits only), as well as money orders and cashier's
checks.  Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards or electronic
payment types.

Payment Balance

**Payments When Picking Up:  
We always appreciate cash when possible but also accept money
orders and cashier's checks as well.  Sorry... No personal checks,
credit cards or electronic payments (PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, etc)...

no exceptions.  Sorry for
any inconvenience!!!***.