Molly and Thomas born 3/20/2021

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Trinity and Thomas  born 4/1/2021

Rose Lane Miniature Schnauzers cater to families who are searching for a new family member.
We strive to produce beautiful loyal quality companions that will bring joy to your family!  

Raising Schnauzers is our wonderful hobby and we could not be happier!
Our Miniature Schnauzers proudly participate in United Kennel Club shows.

Miniature schnauzer's are available in Salt and Pepper, Black and Silver, Black and occasionally in White



Pups will be picked by families in order of deposit received.

After you place your deposit, you will get updated once the babies arrive.
At that point, all families will be included in a group text. This will have pictures and videos so you can watch them develop.

At aprox. 5 weeks of age, you will be able to pick your babies.

Due to COVID (unless life goes back to normal),

this will be done through Skype, or Facetime.
You will continue to receive group text messages with videos and pictures.
Please note- you will get individual pictures of your pup at 5 weeks,

and at 7 weeks of age.

Otherwise- you will only receive the group pictures/videos.
When the pups are in the play yard, I may take pictures or videos- these are cutesies for you and they will not always have your identifying collar on.

I am afraid that you will NOT be able to pick out your puppy in person.

If this is a concern for you, please note this is NOT an option,

and I will not be the right breeder for you.
In addition- once you choose your puppy, your deposit is no longer refundable.

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