I adopted a liver and tan mini schnauzer from you (her name is Naomi) and wanted to show you a pictures of her growth and how spoiled she is. She is the love of my life. I got her in May of 2014.
This was the first week I got her,
And this was just a week ago,
I hope you enjoy the update.

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Thank you Rose Lane Schnauzers. This is our empty nest baby and she never leaves our side. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had. She genuinely knows what your thinking and feeling. Of course she also knows what we are eating so she is a bit pudgy. My husband never wanted a small dog and now he says we will only have schnauzers!!! Sending love from our family to yours. You have brought such happiness to our home.

Hi Vanessa,
As we approach Christmas and Jingles' first birthday, Dave and I want to thank you for giving us such an absolutely sweet puppy. She is so famous on the beach walk that we take every morning that sometimes people say, "Oh! This is the Jingles we've been hearing about." She is amazingly lovingly with everyone. She really likes all her doggy friends but she loves her humanoid friends! A walk that used to take us an hour now takes us over two hours because she has to stop and visit with so many people. You promised me a sweet puppy and that promise came true 100%. Thank you again. We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

Jingles' Mom - Sharon

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Hi Vanessa! . She (Trinity) is still our baby even though she is one now. She likes to snag clothes off of beds and counters and get us to chase her 😂. Thanks for checking on her. She is also so sweet-she never growls at people. Thanks again!


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